Google Maps v2.0 Released for SugarCRM

JJWDesign Google Maps Version 2.0 for SugarCRM is a significant achievement for this project. We’ve come a long way from the simple idea of mapping leads. Thank you to all those who have contributed and/or donated. If you haven’t contributed in some way, do so today! This project is COMPLETELY FREE!, but relies heavily on donations to keep it alive.

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  1. Version 2.0 now requires cURL to be installed on the server. file_get_contents() is no longer used, per SugarCRM On-Demand restrictions.


  1. Added Configuration Page: You can now adjust/save the majority of the settings thru this easy to use configuration form.
  2. Complete rewrite of view.map_markers.php to reduce the overall amount of JavaScript code. This was a much needed improvement. The intent is to allow the page to load faster and to be able to display a larger set of markers without crashing Internet Browsers. It should also make extending Javascript/Jquery/Google Maps API functionality much easier for future plugin development.
  3. Added functionality for mapping Meetings from the Meetings Module. Geocoding of the Meeting objects is based on the Related module type and record (flex relate). Custom list view changes.
  4. Added functionality for mapping Prospects/Targets from the Prospects Module. Custom list view changes. More on this soon.
  5. Complete rewrite of all Logic Hooks to better manage the address relationships on change (save). Several new logic hooks added. See custom/module directory for more details. This was a major overhaul of the logic hooks.
  6. Edit/Display View: Redefined the Parent Type list (flex relate field) for all Maps added in the jjwg_Maps Module. It now only allows you to select from Modules that have address information.
  7. Cache Improved: Additional logic now added to take full advantage of the Address Cache module. All successfully geocoded addresses are now stored in the Address Cache module for later retrieval.
  8. Several dozen or two small improvements that I don’t recall at this time.
  9. Updated jQuery to version 1.8.0

Changes Specifically for SugarCRM On-Demand Users

  1. Removed instances of is_dir()
  2. Removed instances of is_file()
  3. Removed any not acceptable file types
  4. Changed Google API Request from file_get_contents() to use PHP cURL.


  1. Bug: Many PHP notice messages corrected, for those running with them on.
  2. Bug: Corrected IE6 javascript error issues in view.map_markers.php
  3. Bug: CSS link path issue corrected.
  4. Bug: Corrected several bugs related to Map Areas/Markers display issues.

All Professional Modules are Now Included

Several additional advanced modules (previously referred to as the professional version) have now been added to this package. All future versions will include the professional version modules (several enhancements). All professional version features and modules are included in this free version that you are using now.

“Address Cache” Module: This module provides help with the importing and exporting of geocode data. Addresses in-need of geocoding can easily be exported. Geocoding can then be done with your favorite online/offline application. Later after geocoding, the address cache information can be imported or updated. Address Cache information is used during the “Geocoding Addresses” process and proceeds the Google Geocoding request.

Custom “Markers” Module: This module provides an easy way to define custom markers with many different icons to choose from. It’s a great way to define your favorite meeting places, restaurants, airports, trip highlights or other locations. Custom markers can be added to any of your maps created by the maps module. Tools are provided to either hand position the markers or address geocoding can be done to determine position.

Custom “Areas” (Polygons) Module: This module provides an easy way to define custom areas using polygon shapes. These areas can represent the various Sales Areas for your company. Custom polygon areas can be added to multiple maps. An advanced mapping tool is provided to define the polygon geocoded points.

Thank you.
Jeff Walters

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