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Having developed with SugarCRM for many years now, I am experienced in providing quality solutions to companies all over the world. My most successful open source project is the JJWDesign Google Maps package; available for download on

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Google Maps for SugarCRM

The JJWDesign Google Maps package is a free Google Maps integration for SugarCRM. Developed with integration and flexibility in mind this package has become the most highly sought after and downloaded Google Maps package for SugarCRM. There are many customized Add-Ons for this package available for purchase on this Web site.

Custom Data Import Processes

(MS Access, Goldmine, ACT or any CSV Format)

I’ve helped several companies, over the past few years, import various databases into SugarCRM; MS Access, Goldmine, ACT Database, etc. While this process is usually very involved with many complex steps, one very optimistic aspect has always remained true. If the database can be converted into CSV files, it can be imported into SugarCRM!

Modules and Logic Hooks

I’m experienced in developing custom modules for SugarCRM to help fulfill your business workflow needs; from simple Module Builder development to fully customized Modules. I’m also very familiar SugarCRM logic hooks and the many tasks they may accomplish. Many SugarCRM CE (Community Edition) installations require the use of logic hooks to add extra workflow functionality.

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