Athena Health API

AthenaHealth API

AthenaHealth API Experience Matters!

AthenaHealth drives efficiency and improves workflows for clients, the organizations they work with, and the developers who create apps and interfaces to support them. They have accomplished this through a variety of innovative cloud-based services that facilitate electronic health records (EHR), care coordination, patient engagement, clinical decision support, population management, and practice management.

AthenaHealth’s robust web service RESTful API uses JSON and XML formats to enable developers to customize unique solutions and workflows. Their RESTful API is one of the best EHR API’s available to both small and large organizations. The easy of use and flexibility of their REST API means your company will have the necessary tools to build a successful Health Care business.

Some of their features:

  • Take advantage of interfaces that allow AthenaHealth clients, clinics and hospitals to integrate seamlessly.
  • Developers have an opportunity to create interfaces that leverage one of the largest network in health care.
  • REST API Endpoints allow you to leverage AthenaHealths’s network to exchange data.