Some of the great comments I’ve received!

Over the years that I’ve worked as a developer, I’ve worked on many different kinds of projects. One of the most rewarding, was an open source project for SugarCRM called the JJWDesign Google Maps project. I received many of great comments from people who used the free package. The source code is still available on GitHub is still in use to this day on a forked project called SuiteCRM. Google it, if you have the time.

Amazing Feature

I have been looking for a feature like this for years, and here it is [JJWDesign Google Maps]. It shows in a single page where all your clients are. It still needs further testing, especially with large amount of data and a bit of performance upgrade. BUT .. so far so good.. keep the good work.
Review of JJWDesign Google Map
By ‘leowolff’


I was looking for a tool to give our sales team the chance to optimal plan customer visits. Most of the projects integrate google maps to show the location of one customer (such as iNetGoogleMaps 2.0) which would not be sufficient for us. With JJWDesign Google Maps our sales team can select a customer (e.g. an appointment has been made) and try to arrange another meeting nearby. All in all a great tool.
Review of JJWDesign Google Maps
By User ‘zedler’

Amazing Module

Great job! Very powerfull module for our sales department. Thank you very much!!
Review of JJWDesign Google Maps
By User ‘iongaro’


I am stoked that you put this together. Simple install. The functionality I was looking for. A quick PDF tutorial would put the icing on the cake. But nice job! I definitely donated.
Review of JJWDesign Google Maps
By User ‘jskov’


The definitive addon [JJW Design Google Maps] to those who needs geomarketing in SugarCRM CE.
Review of JJWDesign Google Maps
By User ‘titobustillo’

Great Job!

Great job! This is an awesome module and works very well. Keep up the good work!
Review of JJWDesign Google Maps
By User ‘youngmcp’

Incredible module.Very easy to use. 10 Stars!!

Incredible module [JJWDesign Google Maps]. Very easy to use. Can map all Contacts or any Subset that you desire. Runs slow on first few invocation while it is building its cache, but after that is very fast. I love the way you can zoom into the maps. You certainly can’t argue with the price of the free version. It was very thoughtful of them to build a cron entry point so the geo-coding can be run by a Sugar Scheduler. I couldn’t be more pleased with this!!
Review of JJWDesign Google Maps
By Mark Riggins

Great Module! This makes things much easier for me.

Great [JJWDesign Google Maps] Module! This makes things much easier for me. Made a donation and asked Jeff to add an additional feature, which he completed quickly. Thanks!
Review of JJWDesign Google Maps
By User ‘Narf’

Can’t recommend it highly enough!

This [JJWDesign Google Maps] really is a fantastic plug in. Just what we needed. No need of exporting data and constantly updating data to expensive or limited external mapping sites. Jeff was very helpful, installing it for us, modifying it to our requirements and when a bug was spotted, fixing it for us all for small donations. Everyone should have this plug in.
Review of JJWDesign Google Maps
By User ‘dps1234’

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