SugarCRM Maps and Move Towards Open Layers 3

There’s been a lot of frustration, on my end, over what to do with the JJWDesign Google Maps Project for SugarCRM. This project has taken an amazing amount of time to develop and manage. Regardless, I’ve decided that I can’t let it die. It must go on.

Luckily, Open Layers V3 is just about out of beta (as of  this writing on Feb. 2014) and is a great replacement for the Google Maps JavaScript API V3. The Open Layers V3 will be able to use many different tile sets for mapping, while giving me development tools to perform the necessary map interactions. Note that different tile sets, such as the OpenStreetMaps or Google Maps tile sets, may be configured for use. View the following demonstration video, for more information on Open Layers V3.

1 thought on “SugarCRM Maps and Move Towards Open Layers 3”

  1. It has a bug if user geocode an address contain unicode character. Ex: ‘à’ Hà noi…


    $address = preg_replace(‘/[nr]+/’, ‘ ‘, trim($address));
    $address = preg_replace(“/[ts]+/”, ‘ ‘, $address);

    should be changed to:

    $address = mb_ereg(‘/[nr]+/’, ‘ ‘, trim($address));
    $address = mb_ereg(“/[ts]+/”, ‘ ‘, $address);


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