Custom PHP/MySQL Development

Advanced Product Management

I developed an advanced product management system, with tight collaboration efforts from the owner. The new product management system was developed with PHP/MySQL using the CodeIgniter framework as for the backend; one of my favorites. Several dozen controllers/models were created, as well as many custom CodeIgniter libraries. Different front-end technologies, such as jQuery plugins, were used to provide the best possible user experience (UX/UI). Below is just a quick summary of the system.

Summary of Features:

  • Custom Dashboard with Highcharts displays
  • Ion Auth authentication integration for security
  • Custom ACL (Access Control Lists): Users & Groups
  • Advanced search functionality for all controllers
  • Notification system based on jGrowl for jQuery
  • Highrise Application contact/lead integration
  • Podio two-way synchronization for Podio Apps
  • Public facing Web site product integration
  • In-line editing using Jeditable for jQuery
  • Several custom XML exports
  • Internal REST Server API
  • Advanced Subpanel UI using REST API, jQuery and Datatables.js
  • Complete administration section with tools and reports
  • Database backup management
  • Scheduled tasks

And even more…

Development Tools:

  • jQuery & jQuery UI
  • Bootstrap V2 CSS/JS
  • jQuery jGrowl for notifications
  • Datatables.js for jQuery
  • Accounting.js for number, money and currency formatting
  • Highcharts for custom dashboard reports
  • Phil Sturgeon’s REST API for an internal REST Server
  • jQuery Keypad for advanced keyboard input
  • jQuery qTip2 (V2) for tips and popup management
  • jQuery Stopwatch for time tracking
  • jQuery Chosen Plugin for dropdowns
  • jQuery UI Timepicker Plugin
  • jQuery FancyBox Plugin
  • jQuery UI Multiselect Plugin
  • Underscore.js

And many more…