Google Maps for SugarCRM

The JJWDesign Google Maps for SugarCRM project started out during an afternoon conversation on how great it would be if we could map all of our SugarCRM leads on a single Google Map. Little did I realize, the hundreds of hours I would put into this project. The project has come a long way, thanks to contributions from companies and supporters from all around the world. It is currently in use by many SugarCRM Community Edition forks.

Integrating Google Maps into a SugarCRM was much more involved than one might expect. Four core modules were developed for use within SugarCRM; Maps, Areas, Markers and Address Cache. The project was integrated into SugarCRM’s custom MVC in an upgrade safe manner. The project also had to be developed with many coding restrictions in mind due to the SugarOnDemand environment.