Custom Content Management Systems

During my time with Management Solutions International, Inc. (MSI), I developed several small business Web sites requiring a very fast turn around; usually 2-3 days. A simple Content Management System (CMS) was created from the ground up specifically for this purpose. The CMS was developed by myself using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. The CKEditor (or FCKEditor) was used as the primary text/html editor within the CMS. The Smarty Template Engine was used to integrated plugin features into the content management. Features included a Press Release section and other dynamic elements. osCommerce was also integrated into some of the Web sites with several customizations. A simple theme was developed and applied to give uniqueness to each Web site.

I was also responsible for developing the parent companies Customer/Client Relationship Management (CRM )System. SugarCRM, while still in its initial Open Source development days, was chosen for this task. SugarCRM proved to be a huge development tool for the company going forward.

About MSI: Management Solutions International was a full service business and financial consulting firm that directly helps emerging companies achieve their goals. Assistance included: Business Development, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Product Distribution. Located in Longwood, Florida (Orlando), MSI served the needs of both publicly-traded and privately-held firms nationwide.