Google Maps Selection to Target List (SugarCRM)

This video describes how to use Polygon Shape Selections to add items (Leads, Contacts, etc.) to Target Lists within SugarCRM. This is part of the JJWDesign Google Maps Package for SugarCRM.

Download on JJWDesign Google Maps Package for SugarCRM

The JJWDesign Google Maps package for SugarCRM (v6) now allows you to select map markers by selection using either a circle (radius), rectangle or polygon shape. All shapes can be moved, modified, and removed from the map. The “selected shape” results are now shown (filtered) in the listing view. The Legend filter is still applied, so you can think of it as a double filter. The listing results can then be export or added to an existing target list. You then choose from the Target List from the dropdown list supplied and click on Add. This process can be done from custom shapes and from Areas from the Map Areas module.

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